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Brake Repair

Got Bad Brakes?  
We can make them safe again.
Might be time for a Free Inspection. We will inspect your Brake Pads, Calipers, & Rotors. Call Now!


Engine Repair

Our technicians are Engine Diagnostic Experts. We do Tune-up’s, major – minor Engine Work, and belts, hose, battery, inspections and replacement.


Ignition Repair

Car hard to start? We can help.
We will diagnose and  fix your ignition or any other problems that may make your car hard to start.
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Auto Repair   Maintenance & Service  Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, WA



Timing Chain Replacement


We Rebuild Auto Engines


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Engine  Tune Up Benefits


How’s your Fuel Mileage?

If you are using more gas and having to fill-up more often than you use to, your engine fuel efficiency may be low, and your vehicle needs a tune up.
Did you know that an Auto Tune-up could increase your fuel mileage by 2% to 8%. This is a big benefit based on today’s gas prices.

At McLees Auto Repair we are engine performance tune-up experts.
Our racing heritage has helped us to find the best tune up solutions for all makes and models of vehicles. We use the latest electronic tune up testing equipment to find the problems and fix them fast. Our technicians are ASE Certified.

If your car doesn't seem to have the same amount of power as it use to, your vehicle needs an engine tune up.
An engine tune-up is performed on an engine to help your engine get its best performance and fuel mileage without producing excess emissions. Today’s newer computer controlled engines usually require a tune up every  50,000 miles or as per your manufacturers recommendation.

If you need a tune up 
Give us a call today  (360)943-5099


How Safe are your BRAKES?


Transmission Repair Services

photo of transmission cutaway

Today's transmissions can be very reliable if serviced in accordance with your manufactures recommended service intervals. Most people don't think of servicing their transmission until it's too late. This can be a very costly mistake. Repairs or replacement can cost thousands of dollars, so it is much cheaper to do preventive maintenance, as long as it is performed by qualified experts. At McLees Auto Repair, we have been servicing and replacing transmissions for over 90 years. You can bee assured, we will do it right! Call for a service appointment today. 360-943-5099

clutch image

Need Manual Transmission Repair?
Manual Transmissions consist of a clutch, pressure plate, synchronizers, bell housing, gears, and linkage. You shift by using the clutch pedal and gear shift to manually change gears. They can have from two to eight gears and usually require less maintenance then automatic transmissions. At McLees Auto Repair, our technicians can diagnose your problem quickly and then recommend the correct service, repair, or replacement, based on the severity of wear or damage.

If you need transmission repairs
Give us a call today  (360)943-5099

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We service all Thurston  County Communities.